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Knowlocker Vault

This core module is where searchable, shareable knowledge lives in Knowlocker.

Aggregated Knowledge

Pull your knowledge together in one place, wherever it might currently reside. Integrations with Dropbox and more.

Search & Channels

Powerful native search lets you find the knowledge you need to complete tasks. You can also subscribe to channels for specific topics.

Granular Sharing

Keep content private or share with select individuals, groups or more broadly within your organization or externally, with prospects and clients.

How it Works

Vault is where you can upload knowledge, or connect sources such as Dropbox, Gmail and Google Drive.


Vault Features

Vault has a number of specialist features to ensure your knowledge is readily available, searchable and put to the best use possible.

Most Powerful Chat

Powerful group and one to one chat makes our platform the best for sales and engagement.

No Install Live video

Click on a link: View or broadcast the video in a browser. It’s that simple.

‘Always Available’ Live Video

Set up pre-recorded ‘live’ video to run daily, weekly, or at whatever frequency you choose.

Automatic Record & Share

Your webinar is automatically recorded and, if you select, shared to your video networks.

‘Native’ Integrations

Many direct integrations with auto-responders and calendaring software.

Customisable Templates

Edit the look of the landing page templates to best suit your branding and audience.

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