Transmit: Live Video Learning

Knowlocker transmit lets you get the message to scale, but with a personal touch.

For Learning

Use Knowlocker Transmit to share knowledge quickly and easily with a wider audience.

For Sales

Live video makes sales. Set up live events and convert the audience then or on follow up.

For Marketing

Marketing conversations and a personal, granular level. Transmit gets the message across.

How it Works

A seamless funnel from the broad power of live video to the personal focus of chat


Live Event


Converts at Event


Chat Follow-up

Features that Deliver

Knowlocker Transmit brings together powerful features and an intuitive UI that let you extract the maximum value from your and your company’s collective brain.

Most Powerful Chat

Powerful group and one to one chat makes our platform the best for sales and engagement.

No Install Live video

Click on a link: View or broadcast the video in a browser. It’s that simple.

‘Always Available’ Live Video

Set up pre-recorded ‘live’ video to run daily, weekly, or at whatever frequency you choose.

Automatic Record & Share

Your webinar is automatically recorded and, if you select, shared to your video networks.

‘Native’ Integrations

Many direct integrations with auto-responders and calendaring software.

Customisable Templates

Edit the look of the landing page templates to best suit your branding and audience.

Create a FREE account and see how knowledge transforms your business.

Get your knowledge and content in the hands of your team, customers and prospects


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