Knowlocker Store is the key to managing your knowledge.

Knowledge can be our biggest challenge and biggest opportunity. The outcome of managing knowledge well or badly is success or failure.

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Knowlocker Store is our core knowledge management suite.

We created Knowlocker to be an easy to use knowledge management platform, but one that isn't confined by boundaries.

What you don't know yet should be easy to add to what you do know. What you know might sometimes be useful for customers as well as colleagues.

Knowlocker Store is at the heart of this.


  • Your knowledge feed
    This is like a Facebook feed for the knowledge that is important to you.
  • Channels
    Knowledge in Knowlocker can be sorted into private, org-wide and public channels.

Knowlocker Store is available as mobile apps as well as on web.

Our Store mobile app puts the knowledge you need in your hands whenever you require it.

  • See who knows what within your business with Profiles.
  • Subscribe to all the channels for the information you need.
  • Get notifications of new knowledge when it is shared to maintain best practice.

Connect third party sources

Knowledge can live in many places. Connect Dropbox, Slack, Gmail and more to Knowlocker.

Manage your contacts

Your colleagues - and experts you don't yet know - can have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Powerful tools drive use

Contribution goals, guided learning, gamification and more all help you use Knowlocker.

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