Law firms use Knowlocker to maintain thought leadership internally and externally.


All aspects of a law firm can benefit from using Knowlocker. Operations teams can ensure best practice is followed, and Marketing use Knowlocker to ensure prospects are aware of your expertise.


Knowlocker lets HR get new starters onboarded much quicker than ever before.



Powerful chat and video call collaboration around your content and knowledge. Integrates with Skype and Messenget.



Create channels for different streams of activity


Guided Learning

Use ‘Guided Learning’ to be sure all colleagues are up to speed



Have universal search across all aspects of the businesses information



Share best practice quickly and easily



Create a ‘Dossier’ of information on a candidate


Operations teams in legal practices use Knowlocker to ensure that best practice scales.

With Knowlocker it is easy to create process and policy documentation.

It is also easy to create and share articles, both text-based and using video.

You can track who has seen what, ensuring that you know all your team members are up to speed where it matters.

Finally, with our channels filtering, your team can subscribe to the channels relevant to them and avoid wading through less relevant content.


Marketing in legal firms can be hard, but Knowlocker gives you a boost.

You have the most fantastic resources - your expert colleagues, and topical subject matter - and Knowlocker lets you turn this into a powerful lead generation and brand positioning platform.

Use Knowlocker to create webinars and share content on subject matter that your prospective clients are searching for and interested in.

We even have a video distribution platform which allows you to post to many networks with a single click.

Human Resources

Knowlocker makes the life of any HR team easier, and the outcomes they can achieve in crucial areas - scaling best practice and speeding onboarding - more optimal.

Knowlocker is designed to make sharing best practice information easy, and measurable: See who has viewed the content that you have circulated.

Additionally, by giving you a platform to create policy and process documentation quickly and easily (including using online video) your new hires can get up to speed much faster than they otherwise would, maximising productivity in your competitive sector.

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Feature Sheets

We regularly publish case studies, white-papers and articles to help you learn and sell.

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