Knowlocker is an HR team’s best friend. You know that it costs a significant amount of money (the average is $40,300) to onboard staff. Knowlocker slashes this cost.

Using Knowlocker within a business allows you to ‘toss the keys’ to knowledge to new starters and monitor them (using Knowlocker reporting) as they consume knowledge.

Getting new employees up to speed fast can make the difference between success and failure in the hiring process and is particularly crucial in high-growth businesses where a day wasted is a day that employee isn’t driving the business forwards.

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Knowledge Discovery

Knowlocker is used by many businesses to develop their knowledgebase, as well as managing it.

Create ‘Seek’ alerts around any topics where you, or your team, could benefit from knowing a bit more, or deepening the quality of what you already know.

Knowlocker also has a marketplace which allows users to access or buy knowledge from experts with the specific domain expertise which might be missing from your knowledgebase at the moment.

Knowledge Management

Knowlocker was founded to help organizations get a handle on ‘what they know’ and put it to the best use possible.

Whether this is ‘onboarding’ new employees, or educating clients, Knowlocker makes knowledge transfer fast and effective. Users can quickly digest what they need to know.

We integrate with numerous sources which makes it easy to rapidly build out your knowledgebase, and then easily maintain it. Effective knowledge management is the best way to scale your business.

Knowledge Sharing & Distribution

In addition to discovery and management, Knowlocker makes it easy to share what matters with those who will benefit from it and with those it helps you to keep informed.

This can include internal use, when keeping team members abreast of new information is crucial, to external clients and prospects, where sharing real knowledge with them is like content marketing that actually matters.


Knowlocker knows what your business needs to know, and this is the most valuable information you have. By default, all content is ‘private’ and this in turn is protected by 128-bit (‘bank grade’) security. We regularly conduct testing of all our systems to ensure the very highest levels of impregnability.


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