HR teams can get significant benefit from using the Knowlocker platform.


They can use the platform to help get new starters up to speed with their roles, and to easily disseminate information more generally of interest to employees, for example health and safety information.


Furthermore, multi-media ‘dossiers’ can be compiled to aggregate all the information that might be required on a particular subject or individual, creating easily shared briefing notes on anything from HR issues to new hires.




Share onboarding information in a channel


Public Folders

Share health and safety information via a folder


Live Video

Interview using the live video functionality



Create a ‘Dossier’ of information on a candidate


Guided Learning

Create ‘Guided Learning’ paths for teams


Content Sharing

‘Time Delay’ content sharing, for bit-by-bit content consumption.


Working in the HR Sector?

Use Knowlocker to help improve your businesses process and make your workflows more efficient.


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