Knowlocker is the best way to impart knowledge.

Knowledge means less if not put to good use. Knowlocker is the best way to impart knowledge to colleagues, customers and even prospects. It ensures you get the most out of what you know.

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Knowlocker delivers knowledge 1-on-1 or at scale

We initially created Knowlocker Connect as a video platform to deliver recordable video tutorials to colleagues internally.

The platform now acts as a hub for sharing knowledge intimately or at scale.

Knowlocker supports video, chat and email one-to-one or broadcast delivery.

  • Events to share knowledge
    Schedule sessions to share knowledge
  • Recordable video delivery
    Deliver video to up to 500 participants


Find out who to Connect with for the knowledge you need

Our profiles view allow you to determine who best to connect with, both to 'follow' (to learn information over the long term) but also for one-to-one mentoring sessions.

The Knowlocker platform lets you find 'resident experts' internally, but also to find domain expertise outside of your current network.

Powerful chat to discuss your knowledge in depth

Our in-line chat mechanic is the perfect forum to explore your knowledge with others, both in real-time and as an addition that supplements the original article.

Chat is the best way to ask questions and flesh out any nuance in the knowledge being imparted.

Knowlocker is available as an iOS app, or on the web.

Knowlocker is the information feed that you can check on a regular basis, guilt-free! It will only supplement your knowledge with each visit, making you more productive and knowledgeable than ever before.

3rd Party Integrations

Connect to your favorite auto-responder and webinar platforms.

Paid Mentorship

Find the internal or external expertise you need to supplement your own knowledge.

Want to try the Knowlocker?

You can get started with Knowlocker right now, for free. If you have specific questions or needs however, schedule a demo and we can discuss how Knowlocker can be best used to satisfy your requirements.

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