Automated knowledge building on the topics that matter

Create Knowlocker ‘Seek’ alerts to search the web for information which can bolster your knowledge and understanding on a subject.

Build your expertise automatically

Set Knowlocker to search the web on your behalf, aggregating and alerting you of new content items of the topics that you need to know about.


Web Crawled

Set up Knowlocker Seeks for the topics that matter to you on the wider web.

Content Alerts

Get notifications when new content which matters to you is found.

Knowledge Shared

Convert the most useful content found into articles to share with your team.

Easy to manage knowledge sharing

Set up Seek to search the web and then easily convert the content that is really important into articles to share with your team or audience.


Create a FREE account and see how knowledge transforms your business.

Get your knowledge and content in the hands of your team, customers and prospects


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