Security of data, and protecting your privacy mean everything.

At Knowlocker, we know we are looking after your most valuable assets: Your knowledge. Often hard-won and always vital to your business, making sure that your knowledge is only available to those you want to give access rights to crucial.

We have designed the platform to protect your data privacy, even if this can, sometimes, interrupt the flow of knowledge from learning to sharing.

For the most sensitive sources - emails, for example - we include ‘fire breaks’ so that you can’t even accidently ‘overshare’.


If you have specific security questions or requirements, please contact us.

Two-Factor Security

You can specify two-factor security when creating an account with us to ensure that your organizational security requirements are adhered to by all users across your business.


Two-factor authentication


Control who Sees What

You have full control over who sees what, when.

By default completely private, you can explicity share with named individuals, your wider organisation or make available via public search.


Transport Layer Security

The conection between you and the Knowlocker app is fully encrypted at all times.

We use HTTPS / 128-bit encryption to ensure that all of your content is always private in transit.


Top Level Storage Security

The secure storage of your content is our number one priority.

We store all content on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure infrastructure which is trusted by banks and governments.

Granular Privacy Controls

Knowlocker has granular privacy controls which default to ‘private’ to ensure you only share content with those you want to see it.

We have three main privacy setting classes: Private, Group (including Organization-wise) and Public.



This will be visible only to you and individuals you explicitly share the file with.



Any of your colleagues will be able to see this post or file.



This file or post will show up in searches and be available within any public folders.

Want to try the Knowlocker?

You can get started with Knowlocker right now, for free. If you have specific questions or needs however, schedule a demo and we can discuss how Knowlocker can be best used to satisfy your requirements.

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