Your Knowledge Platform

All your knowledge and the wisdom of others, together in one easy to use platform.

All your Knowledge

All the knowledge you need from the sources that matter.


Native Content Creation

Create content directly within Knowlocker (video, text, audio) and share quickly with your team.


File Storage

Integrate with Dropbox, Google Drive and more, or upload files directly into Knowlocker.


3rd Party Integrations

Create knowledge articles from content in your instant messaging apps, emails and more.


Knowledge Marketplace

Add to your knowledge pool by buying insightful articles and content from topic experts.


Hire Domain Experts

Find expertise and the knowledge you need from external experts to supplement internal skills.


Knowledge Feeds

Set up knowledge feeds to scour the web on your behalf and build out your internal knowledgebase.


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Knowlocker Vault

This view shows the main Knowlocker Vault functionality. A stream of information on the topics that matter most to you.


Knowlocker Transmit

This view shows how Knowlocker can be used to share information to wider audiences using a combination of video and chat.


Knowlocker Marketplace

This view shows how you can use Knowlocker to monetise specific expertise you may have, and how others can benefit from it.


Knowlocker Events

This view shows events in the Knowlocker Transmit view. Set up events to share knowledge with internal or external audiences.

Seamless organisation-wide knowledge sharing

Knowlocker drives amazing ROI from the information you and your team already know.

Features that Deliver

Knowlocker brings together powerful features and an intuitive UI that let you extract the maximum value from your and your company’s collective brain.



Powerful chat and video call collaboration around your content and knowledge. Integrates with Skype.



Subscribe to course and channels for different parts of the business. Chart progress along the way.


Guided Learning

Use ‘Guided Learning’ to be sure your teams are up to speed with important information.


Universal Search

Easily find the article you need quickly with our powerful search.


Questions & Answers

Ask colleagues or even your social network followers questions you need answering.



Quickly create multi-media processes to help scale your business and make on-boarding a sinch.



Colleagues can be fonts of knowledge for specific subject areas. See at a glance who knows and can help with what.


File Storage

You can use Knowlocker to store files and folders, natively or importing from other popular providers.


Knowlocker integrates with multiple third party platforms to ensure your knowledge is always in the right place.


Ask questions and search Knowlocker for information from right inside Slack.

Google Drive

Connect with Google Drive. Make your files searchable, and convert documents to articles.


Connect with Dropbox and make your files searchable, and convert documents to articles.


Search Gmail within Knowlocker and convert relevant emails to articles.

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