Knowledge Marketing is Content Market that matters

Use Knowlocker to share authentic information with your clients and prospects to engage and empower them.

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Knowledge Marketing helps Organizations Grow

  • Enlighten your prospects
  • Educate your clients
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase propensity to buy
“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Prospects need to be empowered if they're going to buy.

Customers need knowledge to maximise the value they derive from a purchase.

A Class-Leading Video Platform to impart Knowledge

Our video platform allows you to deliver video sessions to one or up to 500 concurrent viewers.

All video sessions are recordable, meaning your video presentations contribute to your body of knowledge.

Our video platform has powerful chat functionality to ensure the best follow up and the most engaging discussions.

Our best of breed, browser-based video platform delivers almost zero latency communications.

Your Knowledge Profile

Our knowledge profiles are an excellent way to showcase your expertise and skills, both internally and with those outside an organization.

Creating a Knowlocker profile is the first step to becoming a thought leader and ensuring when others are looking for answers, they know where to find them. You retain full control over what appears in your profile, letting you carefully manage your credibility.


Send Sequences of Knowledge

Our mailer tool lets you quickly and easily compile sequences of knowledge articles to share with those who will benefit from them.

The mailer system makes it easy to add new recipients to existing groups, for example, when you get a new customer add them to the group ‘Customers’ and they will receive, sequentially (i.e. not in one overwhelming hit) all the knowledge articles they need to get the most value from their purchase.


An Overview of your Knowledge Sharing

The Knowlocker calendar lets you see your knowledge marketing schedule. Create and view live events (to one or many) and also view your knowledge sequence mailing activity.

Our calendar can sync with your primary calendar to ensure you are always fully aware of the activity you have planned.


Knowlocker Connect is available as Android and iOS apps, as well as on web

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