Are you an expert?

If you’re a specialist in a certain field, use Knowlocker to easily monetize your knowledge, both in person and in the form of videos and articles and answering questions.

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Why Knowlocker?

Knowlocker is a platform that allows organizations to make the best use of knowledge internally and externally.

Often, this means just making better use of what they already know.

Sometimes though, it means finding the best expert knowledge and paying for the right to use that within their organizations, either internally or by sharing more widely as they position themselves as market leaders.

It can also mean hiring in expertise for a task or a project.

How it works: Articles & Content

  • You create or upload content to Knowlocker
  • You set a pricing tariff (for single use or organization wide use)
  • You can share the link to interested parties
  • Your content will show up in searches within Knowlocker
  • Customers buy your content

How it works: For Hire

  • Knowlocker users search for knowledge
  • Your profile will come up in search results
  • The user can request to hire your services
  • They pay up front for the agreed project
  • Funds are released directly to you on completion

Want to try the Knowlocker?

You can get started with Knowlocker right now, for free. If you have specific questions or needs however, schedule a demo and we can discuss how Knowlocker can be best used to satisfy your requirements.

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