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Knowledge Management within Organizations

  • Businesses forget things
  • Employees fail to follow processes and best practice
  • Keeping all employees’ knowledge up to date is hard
  • Information is ineffective and siloed
  • Onboarding staff is expensive and slow
  • Finding the right information takes time

“If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

- Lew Platt, former HP CEO

A knowledge worker spends 2 hours per day looking for information.

The average cost of onboarding a new member of staff is $40,300.

Knowlocker Vault is our core knowledge management suite.

We created Knowlocker to be an easy to use knowledge management platform, but one that isn't confined by boundaries.

What you don't know yet should be easy to add to what you do know. What you know might sometimes be useful for customers as well as colleagues.

Knowlocker Vault is at the heart of this.

Your knowledge feed This is like a Facebook feed for the knowledge that is important to you.

Universal Search

Our universal search crawls all your data, irrespective of the location where it resides. Search results are categorised by type, so Folders, Files, Contacts and more.

All search results are filterable, so you can drill down deeper to find the results you really need for the question at hand.


Questions & Answers

Sometimes search doesn’t yield the results you need because that knowledge might not yet be in your proprietary knowledge database.

The odds are, however, that someone in your wider network will have the expertise to answer the questions you have.


Guided Learning

Our ‘Guided Learning’ functionality is the quickest way to get new starters and others within your business up to speed.

Add content - or add users to groups with access to content - and set timescales where that content should be viewed. If users fall behind on this part of the knowledge transfer process you will know and they will automatically be reminded.


Knowlocker Vault is available as mobile apps as well as on web.

Our Vault mobile app puts the knowledge you need in your hands whenever you require it.

  • See who knows what within your business with Profiles.
  • Subscribe to all the channels for the information you need.
  • Get notifications of new knowledge when it is shared to maintain best practice.

Still not sure?

We'd love to give you a demo of how Knowlocker might work for you! Request a demo and we'll answer any questions you might have.

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