Knowledge Management for Organizations

The best way for your team to find the information they need to do their job.

Knowledge Management within Organizations

  • Businesses forget things
  • Employees fail to follow processes and best practice
  • Keeping all employees’ knowledge up to date is hard
  • Information is ineffective and siloed
  • Onboarding staff is expensive and slow
  • Finding the right information takes time
“If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”
- Lew Platt, former HP CEO

A knowledge worker spends 2 hours per day looking for information.

The average cost of onboarding a new member of staff is $40,300.

How Knowlocker can help you use knowledge better

Knowlocker helps you get the very most value out of information you already know, and knowledge you have yet to learn.

Universal Search

Quickly find the answer you need from any source using our universal search.

Questions & Answers

If you can’t find the answer in search or think there might be a better one, use Q&A.

Guided Learning

The quickest way to ensure that everyone is up to speed with what they need to know.

Management Modules

Search, Ask Questions, Seek, Channels, Public Profiles, Chat, Share Files, Create Content, Screen Sharing and Knowledge Base.


All your knowledge from all your sources in a single, simple feed for easy search and sharing.


Engage in deeper discussion around items of content which have been shared with others.

Create a FREE account and see how knowledge transforms your business.

Get your knowledge and content in the hands of your team, customers and prospects


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