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Head of Growth

Location:Stockholm, Sweden or Salt Lake City, UT

Inside Sales x2

Location:Stockholm, Sweden or Salt Lake City, UT

Knowlocker Story

Knowlocker is a knowledge management and content sharing platform for organizations.

Our mission is to ensure that businesses and individuals get the very most value from what they know: There’s no point in learning the hard way and experience if you don’t get the benefits from it. We help users share what they know internally, making sure all team members are up to speed with what they need to know to do their jobs, and also to share information externally so that prospects and clients know what you want them to about your business, product or service.

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Knowlocker Culture

In terms of our culture, these are our core values:

No BS. We might not be as flash or showy as some, and this is important to us. We are more interested in walking the walk than talking the talk. Lots of cattle and a small hat.

Get stuff done. We value in each other the ability to get stuff done. We know that this is the ultimate arbiter of ability. We close tasks, ship product and make sales.

Dent the universe. The Knowlocker product isn’t niche. It isn’t a fluffy ‘nice to have’. It is something which can make a difference to every individual at every business in every country in the world. We’re building something big.

If you want to give humans a more fighting chance against obsolescence in the face of AI by revolutionising efficiency and productivity, join Knowlocker.

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