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    Use Knowlocker to learn about new topics or keep up to date with what you need to know about.

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    Knowlocker syncs all your knowledge, irrespective of where it currently is.

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Learn Knowledge

Use Knowlocker to plug gaps in your knowledge and keep up to date with topics you already know.


We forget, on average, 76% of everything we have ever learned.


Store Knowledge

With Knowlocker as a single repository of your knowledge, your productivity will increase dramatically.


costs knowledge transfer to each new hire in lost productivity


Share Knowledge

Use Knowlocker to get knowledge into the hands of those who need it, quickly, easily and at scale.


of prospects would trust a company more if they had more knowledge about it

Learn, Store and Share Features

Learn Knowledge: Use Knowlocker to plug gaps in your knowledge

Store Knowledge: Use Knowlocker as a single repository of your knowledge

Share Knowledge: Use Knowlocker to get knowledge into the hands of others

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Knowledge comes to you
Filtered social feed
Buy knowledge from marketplace
Content from expert sources
Fast and effective search
Live video, with recording
Powerful in-app chat
Sequential knowledge sharing
Share to lists & groups
A calendar view for shares
Knowledge from multiple locations
Convert emails to knowledge articles
Granular, easy to use sharing

“If only HP knew what HP knows, we would be three times more productive.”

-Lew Platt, former HP CEO

A mobile feed worth checking

With Knowlocker you can see a blend of filtered social, work and new knowledge articles that enrich the mind.

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