Knowlocker Co-Working Spaces

Knowlocker is the platform that helps users get the most value from what they know: That often includes who they know too.

Give all your members better insight into who knows what within your organization and build an even more valuable community.


A Profile for Every Member

Co-working spaces can often be home to the most talented, creative and innovative individuals of an area.

KKnowlocker profiles let you see who, within your space, has what expertise and allows others to find this and make connections which are mutually beneficial. Knowlocker profiles help co-working spaces become much more than the sum of the parts.


Customization & Defaults

Make Knowlocker your own with control to customize the look & feel to make it feel like home.

You can also create default channels that help make your life easier, for example, give every new member access to an ‘Office Rules’ channel, as well as specialist channels for some of your supported verticals.



Powerful Search Delivering Results

Knowlocker search surfaces the knowledge your members will need to know. It also surfaces the people they need to know for the questions they might have.

This is one of the best ways of figuring out ‘who knows what’ within a co-working space, and helping them connect.


Want to try the Knowlocker?

You can get started with Knowlocker right now, for free. If you have specific questions or needs however, schedule a demo and we can discuss how Knowlocker can be best used to satisfy your requirements.

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