Knowlocker for Accelerators

Knowlocker is a platform to help users better manage ‘what they know’. Accelerators are all about helping cohort companies know more. Knowlocker and accelerators are a great combination!

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A Profile for Every Member

Leveraging the skills and insights of your alumni can be a valuable way to add even more value to your package of cash, perks and expert coaching and mentorship.

Knowlocker makes it easy for all alumni to see who knows what and to engage with each other - passively or actively - to maximum mutual benefit.


726 members

Airmee provides a new last mile delivery solution. Whether you want to integrate Airmee into your webshop or simply...


345 members

Beleco is the world's first marketplace and community for furniture rentals. We give people and companies the freedom...


289 members

From the first thought to the last nail and everything between them. Cling is a project tool that simplifies craftsman administration...


332 members

Cribble develops children’s toys, based on research in psychology and pedagogy. Industries: Sustainability Games


918 members

Based on, among other things, the well-known motivation theory Self-Determination Theory, we have developed a...

Rapid Knowledge Growth

Your accelerator program is about helping your cohort learn from the fruits of your wisdom, and succeed. Knowlocker lets you supplement these learnings through configurable ‘Seek’ alerts.

Your teams can set up Knowlocker to search for the information that matters to them, to help them upskill fast.

Powerful Search Delivering Results

Knowlocker search surfaces the knowledge your members will need to know. It also surfaces the people they need to know for the questions they might have.

This is one of the best ways of figuring out ‘who knows what’ within an accelerator alumni group, and helping them connect.

Still not sure?

We'd love to give you a demo of how Knowlocker might work for you! Request a demo and we'll answer any questions you might have.

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