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More knowledge in 60 minutes from now than your last 60 days

Setting up Knowlocker takes just 60 seconds. Results in less than 60 minutes.


Connect Slack

Import knowledge from all your Slack accounts.

Connect Dropbox & Google Drive

Connect Dropbox and Google Drive to pull in your files and contacts and populate Knowlocker fast.

Set up Seek
Web Alerts

Set up ‘Seek’ alerts for any topic which matters to you. Bolster your knowledge and expertise.


Ask Questions and find knowledge on Social & internally

Knowlocker has powerful universal search, but sometimes you still won’t find the answer. Ask a question to relevant audiences and save the results.


More knowledge in the next 6 weeks
than your last 6 years

Build your expertise over the longer term with Knowlocker.

Proprietary Knowledge

All the knowledge from all your co-workers

Market Place

Use our marketplace to fill gaps in your knowledge.


Build your profile and see who knows what in your organisation


Monitor your social feeds and convert posts into articles

Get the most value from what you and others know

Knowledge management for your organisation and knowledge marketing to your clients and prospects, drawing on your knowledge and supplemented by the expertise of others.





Our core functionality gives you a feed of all the information you need to know to do your job better than you’ve ever done before. See a single stream, or subscribe to channels of knowledge.

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Automated campaigns which continually crawl the web for knowledge on the topics and subjects which matter to you, alerting you as new information is found. Create subsequent articles and share.

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Most cost efficient way to bolster your internal knowledge with the input of subject experts. Buy access to articles and content to share with the team, or hire consultant expertise directly in Knowlocker.

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Aggregate your knowledge and that of your team, wherever it might be. Storage accounts, email and IM: The Knowlocker platform can pull it all together and help you package content up for wider sharing.

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Get your Knowlocker Profile to act as a go-to destination which lists your skills and shares the expert articles you want to make available to others on a more public, external basis.

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Transmit lets you get your message in front of hundreds of people using live and pre-recorded video, combined with a powerful chat to turn any engagement into beneficial action.

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Knowledge Flow

Getting the most out of knowledge means ensuring it's in the right people's hands, at the right time.

Whether it is the C-Suite or leads in the earliest stage of development, making sure the target audience know what they need to know, when they need to know it will revolutionise any business.



Knowlocker integrates with multiple third party platforms to ensure your knowledge is always in the right place.



Ask questions and search Knowlocker for information from right inside Slack.

Google Drive

Connect with Google Drive. Make your files searchable, and convert files to articles.


Connect with Dropbox and make your files searchable, and convert files to articles.


Search Gmail within Knowlocker and convert relevant emails to articles.

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Get your knowledge and content in the hands of your team, customers and prospects


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