Knowlocker makes it easy to grow, store and share your knowledge.


We make it easy to:

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Get more from what you know now

What you know and how you use it has the ultimate bearing on productivity and success.

Knowlocker makes everything you've learned in your professional life searchable, sharable and usable.

Knowlocker helps you figure out who knows what.


  • Knowlocker is like a Facebook feed of the knowledge that matters to you
  • Knowlocker gives everyone a profile which showcases their expertise


Build your personal knowledge faster

We need to learn new knowledge every day. Knowlocker lets you do that faster and more effectively than ever.

Knowlocker helps make sure that what you're learning adds to what you already know rather than repeats it.

Knowlocker plugs any gaps in your knowledge.


  • Knowlocker Seek searches the web every day for knowledge that matters to you
  • Knowlocker Marketplace lets you buy access to valuable expertise


Still not sure?

We'd love to give you a demo of how Knowlocker might work for you! Request a demo and we'll answer any questions you might have.

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